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There's a crazy amount of information online on how to 'get yourself out there'

But somehow, it's turning out to be more work than results for you

So let's save you some time, money, and headaches


Flying solo or in a band, you're always going to want to promote yourself and your latest project

The name of the game is getting attention not just from fans, but also radio stations, interviewers and potential collaborators


Television, Movies, Theatre. Whatever you're doing, you're also trying to create your own publicity

Getting yourself 'out there' online, is more than just about posting some photos and talking about your latest project. You want to create content that differentiates you from everyone else also doing the same thing


You are the star. Whether it's performing at a venue, speaking, writing, or anything else where you are 'the product'. You want to establish yourself as a brand

Then it's about creating opportunities, sponsorships, endorsements. All those things you need in order to get paid

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